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An Enjoyable Ride

Strictly Cycling, along with Pink Street Cycling, led a group ride this morning at 8:30AM.  Pink Street led a group of 25 or so riders at a “B” pace while I led the “C” group of 5, including me; clearly those Pink Street ride leaders must be better looking – it is the only rational reason for the large difference in numbers!

Our small group – Steven, Heidi, Sheila, Graham Watson (AKA Max) and me rode to Nyack, then Steven and Heidi peeled off and remained up North while the three of us headed back; Sheila turned off in Piermont leaving Max and me to head to to Strictly Bicycles.  He had no mercy and dropped me halfway up State Line.  Sooner or later I am able to find a nickname for everyone i ride with: Alie Gaime is “whoosh” for the sound I hear when she flies by me, Uli the Campione for his character and riding ability, Albert Hasson is Don Alberto for being a closet Italian, Albert Chua is the Jackrabbit for his ability to bridge up to the group in front and somehow being able to stop at the deli to buy a sandwich while doing so….and now Max is Graham Watson – because I came around one of the sweeping downhill turns on 9W at about 45 kph and 15 meters in front of me I see Max crouching down and waiting to take a video/photograph  – right in front of me!  If I had Sagan-like bike control I would have popped a wheelie with the Dogma and ridden up his front and down the other side, but discretion being the better part of valor I rode around him…….it seems that Max is dedicated to his photography!

We had an enjoyable ride today and invite you to join us for a “C” ride this Thursday morning, July 4th – leaving Strictly Bicycles at 8:30AM.

This is a Strava link for my ride today – with a larger group we most likely would have taken it a little bit easier.

I hope you enjoy your week – see you Thursday morning!



Strictly Cycling Group Rides

I would like to welcome those of you who will be joining us for our first Strictly Cycling group ride of the summer.  There are two coordinated rides tomorrow – Hayden Judd, co-founder of Pink Street Cycling (and I am honored to say that he is my Gruppo Sportivo GFNY teammate) will be leading an A/B level group ride leaving at 8:20AM and i will be leading a C level ride leaving at 8:30AM.

Our C ride will be Strictly Bicycles to Nyack and back and we will average 22 kph (I always speak about cycling in kph because if it is cycling-related it should be metric – and of course when I look at my numbers after the ride they are one and a half times what they would be in mph!).  Safety first is our credo and we have several re-group stops, as follows:  on the way out State Line prior to the descent, then the Runcible Spoon in Nyack; on the return it is State Line climb, E. Clinton then home.

You are responsible to bring water, spare tubes, a pump or CO2 and snacks.  The goal of our first few rides is to simply enjoy the ride – nothing complicated, nothing technical, nothing crazy (never with me); if you are faster than the group by all means feel free to go.  This is not a formal or sponsored ride – simply a group of cyclists our for a ride.

You must follow some simple rules – single file, helmets are required, safety first!

As we progress throughout the summer we would like to invite as many of you as possible to enroll in Gran Fondo NY – either the actual 105 mile Gran Fondo OR the 50 mile special Medio Fondo to Bear Mountain.  If you are a new cyclist – the Medio Fondo is perfect for you – and please let me know if you have any questions regarding either event.  My email is – I am happy to talk about cycling, and specifically Gran Fondo NY, all day (my wife Melanie will attest to that quite vigorously).

Our route map for tomorrow.

By the way, if you have a computer on your bike then please sign up on; the basic membership is free, I believe the premium membership is about $60 for the year.  Strava is a great way to keep track of your rides as well as be able to follow and encourage your friends and teammates.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Vito Valentini

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