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This Summer’s Cycling – (AKA – Be Ready for Campagnolo Gran Fondo NY 2016)

Only 337 days to Campagnolo Gran Fondo NY 2016 – please make sure to sign up as soon as possible for two really good reasons:

  1. Prices increase as we get closer to the event date (May 15, 2016), and
  2. Early commitment allows you to train with a purpose.

Here are some links for you:      Enroll        2015 Race Video        SHOP for GFNY kit (Jersey on sale)

Group Rides

While our group rides begin December 6, 2015, you don’t have to wait until then to ride and begin training for GFNY; I lead group rides from Strictly Bicycles just about every Saturday and Sunday and everyone is welcome to join.  I typically post the rides and the routes by Friday so that you have an idea where we are headed and approximately how long we will be out.  This summer I am going to try something new, in honor of my friend Don Alberto, who seems to think that he has a permanent gig driving the race lead car.  I have enlisted the aid of a friend of mine to respond to his theory

This is BS

If Don Alberto won’t go to the ride then the ride will be brought to Don Alberto; we are organizing a group ride in Brooklyn for the month of July that will begin somewhere near his home (I can’t disclose the location, witness protection rules and all that) – so please stay tuned.  If it works out well then we can organize a couple of rides a month outside of this local area in order to give us an opportunity to see something new and different and also hopefully encourage local cyclists to participate in GFNY.

If you have a suggestion for a location and can get together a group of cyclists willing to participate in a group ride of 50 miles/3 hours or so – with some climbing of course and, most importantly, a coffee stop to rival the Pie Lady – then please send me an email with a suggested location and weekend date anytime in July through mid-September.  My email is

This Saturday’s ride is this:     Saturday Ride – June 13 2015; and looks like this:

Saturday June 13 elevationPlease see the photo immediately preceding this one for the group’s reaction.

Our group rides each weekend are designed to be social, enjoyable, challenging cycling experiences; we expect everyone to ride safely (single file, obey traffic signals, no littering, respect the other participants, be kind) and enjoy the group effect.  Please join us; beginning this weekend we will leave SB at 9AM.

Where possible we participate in local group events like the Ramapo Rally hosted by the BTCNJ (this year’s date, August 16th); we will provide advance notice of those events.

Beginner Group Ride

Next Saturday I am going to lead a beginner’s ride, also leaving the shop at 9AM; please let all of your friends and family know that they are welcome – these might be people who are concerned about riding in a group, perhaps don’t know their capacity, are new to cycling – the ride will leave SB at 9AM and go through the park to 9W; it is possible that a portion of the group may want to turn back at that point and another portion will continue on to Piermont, or the entire group will head to Piermont (the muffins at Bunbury are worth the trip!) – please join us for that ride!

End of Summer Challenge

My friend Ektor convinced me to participate in this madness called “everesting” where the participant does enough vertical climbing to match the height of Mt. Everest (8,848 meters) in a 24 hour period.  I calculated the requirement using the GFNY Bear Mountain route – circle to top of Perkins; we need to go up 23 times.  My GFNY time for that segment this year was almost 33 minutes, with some training I believe I can get that down to under 30 but I doubt that I could do 23 of them at 30 minutes; if I average 45 minutes I will need about 16 hours – very Gump-like!  A group of us will be taking on that challenge sometime toward the middle to end of September.  I have attached a photo of Ektor so that you know who to avoid


(Devious looking character, don’t you agree?  You can just about see the Everesting idea taking shape!)

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and also hope to see you on a ride; if not this weekend then one day in the near future.

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