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Burn the Ships!

There is a story about Cortes landing in the New World in 1519 with 600 men and the goal of conquering the Aztecs.  As soon as his men landed ashore he gave the order to destroy the ships, removing the opportunity of turning back in the event things did not go as planned.  Rumor has it that I am old enough to know this firsthand – it is only a rumor!


Uli was kind enough to invite me to record a GFNY podcast with him this past Wednesday during which we discussed many aspects of GFNY with a specific focus on preparing for and participating in Gran Fondo NY if one is relatively new to the sport of cycling and/or Gran Fondo NY.  If you have some time and would like to learn about GFNY and laugh a little bit please listen to the podcast: YOUR GFNY

If you have a few minutes please take a look at the two short race videos from GFNY 2015 and start getting excited about participating in the cycling experience of a lifetime!

Uli perspective from the lead car               Official GFNY 2015 race video

Haven’t signed up yet – it happens – here is a link:     BE A PRO FOR A DAY!

Our Official GFNY training rides begin the first weekend of December, and our entire Gruppo Sportivo is dedicated to one thing and one thing only – your success!

What does all of this have to do with burning ships you ask?

During our podcast Uli and I discuss each segment of the GFNY course, and one of the things we talk about is the use of your gears and especially to save some of the gears in the back for later in the race.  Many of us have a tendency to use the easiest possible gears but that doesn’t help us get stronger or go faster.  When you listen to the podcast (and I hope you do so I get invited back to do another one, as I was in my glory talking about cycling and GFNY!) you will hear me say more than once “save two gears in the back”.


I brought my DeRosa over to Strictly Bicycles for a check up this past week; it was making a couple of sounds that I couldn’t attribute to my old age or labored breathing  and “la forza del destino” being what it is found out from Gato that the bearings and hubs in my Campagnolo Eurus wheels need to be replaced.  As a team our Gruppo Sportivo is really lucky to have Campagnolo as a sponsor; they also provide us with a set of Campagnolo Bullet wheels so it was easy for me to take them out of the bag and mount them onto the bike.  The difference of course is that I have making life too easy for myself by using an 12-29 cassette on the Eurus wheels and my Bullets have an 11-25; in the interests of practicing what you preach and burning the metaphorical ships I opted to leave the 11-25, forcing myself to leave OFF the last two gears for our Gavia Cycling group ride going forward, beginning yesterday (more information on our GFNY specific training programs being announced November 1).

franklee20151 2732_GUH_02409

(Our two newest Gruppo Sportivo Team members – Frank “Don Franceso” Lee and Ramon “My Identical Cousin” Thompson

It is always interesting to see what you are capable of when you have no choice!  I led the ride for most of the way out, was able to stay within a few seconds of everyone on most of the climbs, I pulled the Gruppeto home and felt great at the finish with a couple of PR’s to boot.  The real test will come doing repeats on Alpine, Closter Dock and E Clinton – but retreating is no longer a choice and I am hoping that the added challenge will help me get stronger for May 15, 2016!

Challenge yourself – participate in an event that is designed to be simultaneously supportive and challenging – join us on May 15, 2016 and at the end of the race feel like a Pro for the rest of your life!

If you have any questions please feel free to email on or visit our FB group Gavia Cycling..

See you on the road!



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