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Gavia Cycling Studio Opening

We are really excited to be opening our indoor cycling studio located at 1 Sylvan Avenue in Englewood Cliffs NJ, right on the border of Fort Lee; it is the road we all affectionately know as 9W.

We will be at the studio this Saturday from 8AM until 3PM and Sunday from 3PM to 6PM if you would like to stop by to talk with us, get some information and sign up for some classes.  We are offering two free classes at 9AM and 12 Noon.
The special offer is this:  sign up this weekend and get 10% off the 25 ride and three month unlimited packages.  Show us your GFNY 2016 registration and take another 5% off those same packages.

If you would like to participate in one of the classes please follow this link:

Ride with Us

If by chance you can’t make it over to the studio but would like to take advantage of this weekend’s offer please email me: and we will work it out for you.

We offer a full schedule of indoor rides beginning Monday January 4th at 5:30AM; our rides include:

  • RPM classes (an interval based training program over mixed terrain coached to powerful and inspiring music).  I have been teaching indoor cycling using the RPM Program principles since January, 2006 and have seen the results that can be achieved simply by participating in class three times per week; it is a great program for every level of cyclist
  • Power and heart rate based training.  I received my power training certification from Saris in January, 2008 and believe that providing athletes with information about the underlying science and principles of training, in almost in all cases, helps them achieve greater results with a much bigger sense of satisfaction
  • Campagnolo Gran Fondo NY course specific training.  Want to be a pro for a day on May 15, 2016?  Join us at Gavia Cycling and train like a pro every day!  We will ride and train on the exact segments of the GFNY course, including the full course at the end of April, so that when you race it it will be completely familiar to you!

We offer a cycling coaching program for beginner and intermediate cyclists that allows us to combine indoor training with outdoor rides.  My own story should be called “The Unlikely Cyclist”.  I began teaching indoor cycling in 2003, became certified to teach RPM in January, 2006 and wanted to become a better teacher so thought it would be a good idea to ride outdoors.  I bought a very used road bike (that’s how I met my good friend Nelson of Strictly Bicycles infamy) and found something that I really love.  I created a small cycling group at the health club I was involved in; the first time we road to Piermont we thought we won the Tour de France!  I trained more, studied more, got my power training certification from Saris, a couple more indoor certifications, my level 3 USAC Coaching license (I am re-certifying for that as we speak) and then along came Gran Fondo NY and being really lucky ended up on the Gruppo Sportivo and have been leading C Group training rides for the event since December, 2011.  My youngest student was 8 and my oldest (because I like to suffer) was my mother in law who was 70+; and then everyone in between. I have been coaching and teaching cyclists how to ride  for approximately ten years and am incredibly happy and grateful for the opportunity to coach and teach on an almost full time basis at Gavia Cycling!

Group Rides
For me group riding is the essence, the heart, the soul of cycling!  The friendships, the feeling of community, the encouragement and inspiration we provide each other, that’s cycling!  Our goal is to replicate the feeling of the outdoor group ride indoors so that we can all ride together throughout the year.  The great thing about riding together indoors?  A, B, C, D, and E Groups ride together at their own levels and still enjoy each other’s company.  (We also get to see if the stories certain people tell about their speeds and power are really true!  You know those guys: “yeah I held 450W up state line at 27 mph”; yep, those guys).

In addition to me, we are honored to have Michael Lyach be part of our coaching program; if you don’t know Michael please look him up and you will find names like Andy Hampsten, Greg LeMond, and Chris Carmichael when they were juniors.  Susanna Panzini (you all know her as La Strega) is joining our team as an indoor cycling coach and will be completing her RPM certification as well as her USAC Level 3 Coaching Certification at the end of January.  We have two more team members whose identities must remain secret until mid-January.

(Photo credit for the photo of me and Michael – Ektor Silva)


Our studio is equipped with 24 Elite Real Turbo Muin B+ FEC trainers.  I know, quite a mouthful, but they work really well and are completely silent; all you hear is what you hear outdoors, your own bike (and of course our inspiring music)!  Our software captures all of your ride data, shows it on three television screens while you ride, can automatically be shared with Strava, Training Peaks, Ride with GPS and several other social and training software products and your ride results will be maintained in your account and emailed to you after each class.  Our studio is filled with natural light and who knows, from time to time we may serve coffee and pie!  We have six DeRosa bikes built with Campagnolo groupsets on order and expect those no later than mid-January.  For those that do not want to bring their bike back and forth we offer free, secure storage for anyone on the monthly coaching/monthly unlimited class program.  We have also provided velogrip straps for rear wheel storage while you ride.

We are very grateful to several sponsors who graciously provided support to Gavia Cycling in the way of free equipment, reduced pricing for equipment and/or mechanical service, technical advice and generally helping us make Gavia a reality.  Those people/companies are:
Cristiano DeRosa and DeRosa Bikes
Ektor Silva
Elite Cycling and Mike K at ProNet Cycling
John Cohen/NY Racing
Lidia, Max and Uli at Gran Fondo NY
LG Electronics/LG Mobile/Don Francesco
Nelson and Joanna and El Gato de Leon at Strictly Bicycles
Shiva Maharaj/Gruppo Stelvio
VIP Fitness

I believe we have a lot to offer and hope that you consider becoming part of our Gavia Cycling Community.

Our web address is and our email is

We wish everyone a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous 2016 and look forward to serving you.

Vito Valentini


Correcting Errors of Ego

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and best wishes for health and happiness.

Life usually provides us with opportunity when we are ready.  I had an opportunity to speak with a friend last Saturday; we had not spoken as friends in at least a year and I realized after our short conversation that the matters that got in the way of our friendship were due to misperception and ego on my part.

EGO – Dr. Wayne Dyer says it is an acronym for Edging God Out – as always, Dr. Dyer was spot on.  I can pretty much convince myself that I am absolutely correct and without fault, and I can usually get myself to sincerely agree with myself – which of course makes me sincerely wrong.

Ego feeds on fear – which of course we know as an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.

I didn’t like the way he and I left off a while back and wanted to to clear that up with him; I really didn’t expect anything but wanted to apologize for my own wrong, he deserved that.  Several things prompted me to begin thinking about it over the past couple of months, but having the opportunity to speak with him on Saturday made me realize, once the fear and ego weren’t in play, that he is genuinely kind-hearted.

This morning I remembered a story from Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly effectively People” where he talks about Anwar Sadat and his efforts to bring peace to the Middle East by beginning talks with Israel – talk about an ego check, who am I and what could be so important compared to that.

I don’t really know why I am writing this except to say that I am happier for having gotten to speak with my friend again and that if ego and fear are stopping you from living your life to the fullest perhaps its time to do something about it.


Time for a Group Ride

Tomorrow is the day; the day when you see the Eventbrite post on FaceBook that says “Campagnolo Gran Fondo NY Group Ride registration is now open”.  We see that and we know its training season!

This is what our group rides looks like:

And this is what you are going to #beready for:

Our group rides were created specifically for you so that you can get comfortable with the race you are going to tackle in May, 2016.  You have almost six months, there is no doubt that by beginning your training NOW you will absolutely give yourself not only the best possible opportunity to finish the race but to actually finish strong!  If you have an opportunity please listen to the podcast I did with Uli where we discuss the race course:

Podcast 22

I am really lucky; not only am I the oldest member of Gruppo Sportivo, by far (with Jared a close second at half my age), but I have been with the team since inception, and have been able to see the way so many of our participants have grown as people and cyclists and leaders.  Did you know that Omar rode right next to me in our C Group during my first year as a member of GS-GFNY?  Ramon rode with me the following year.  Look what happens when you dedicate yourself to something as these two men did over the past several years.

Please don’t wait until April, think you can eat better and ride more for six weeks and participate in GFNY in your best possible condition.  Don’t wait until the metaphorical tomorrow:

One minute and twenty seconds

The relationships we develop during our Group Rides last throughout the year, some of them began during the first or second GFNY and have continued to this day.  Please don’t let this opportunity pass you by, please join us for a Group Ride!

Remember, Jared opens the registration every Thursday morning and the rides are on Sunday.  if you are interested and have some time, I lead our Gavia Cycling Group Rides every Saturday; I leave Strictly Bicycles at 7:30AM heading south to the Port Imperial Ferry to pick up riders from Hoboken, Weehawken, Jersey City, North Bergen, WNY and the head back north to The Modern then right away to Strictly Bicycles to pick up more of our group and then head north.  Everyone is welcome and just like our GFNY Group Rides there is no charge.  Please visit our FB page or group Gavia Cycling for a look at the routes.

I, along with all of my Gruppo Sportivo teammates – Frank, Jared, Omar and Ramon – are looking forward to seeing you this Sunday!  Have I said it yet?

Please join us for a Group Ride!

If you have any questions or believe I can help you in any way, with Gran Fondo or cycling in general, please feel free to email me at or message me on FB.

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