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Gavia Cycling and Gran Fondo NY


Yes it’s true.  At the 150th km/99th mile you will need to climb this in order to finish GFNY and collect your medal!  We offer training rides each and every Sunday from December through the weekend prior to GFNY and encourage all registered participants to join us for those group rides.
If the only time available to you is Sunday then join our rides and give it your best; if you can dedicate some extra time during the weekend or on a Saturday then please consider joining us for indoor group rides at Gavia Cycling, where we offer cycling specific classes, coaching and training.

Our Studio
I am one of the members of Gruppo Sportivo Gran Fondo NY and have been co-leading the C Group rides since December, 2011.  I have been teaching indoor cycling since 2006 and have been encouraging and teaching road cycling since approximately 2009 and have been leading group rides since that time as well.  Cycling is my passion and helping people enjoy cycling more and becoming better cyclists is what I love to do.  I created Gavia Cycling in the early summer of 2015, believing that creating an identity for our group rides would encourage people to join and feel and sense of belonging, and was provided with the opportunity to develop Gavia Cycling Studio in November.


Our goal is to encourage participation in the cycling lifestyle and become part of our cycling community through participation in our indoor and outdoor group rides.  Our indoor group rides provide the opportunity to teach proper cycling technique to beginner and intermediate cyclists, help cyclists, no matter  of all levels increase their fitness, provide individual coaching to cyclists interested in focus and specificity, and help cyclists prepare for specific events such as Campagnolo Gran Fondo NY.

Our studio has 24 elite wireless trainers; our members bring their bikes, take off the back wheel and participate in group rides that mimic our Gavia Cycling group rides – indoors!  We capture all of the rider’s information during each class and, with permission, connect their accounts to their personal accounts with Strava, Ride with GPS, Training Peaks; in addition riders receive an email with their results.
We have three large screen televisions on the front wall so that you can watch your progress throughout the class and encourage the members of your group as you ride.

Our Programs
We currently offer early morning classes (5:30AM) on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; evening classes on those same days at 7PM, and Saturday at 11:30AM.  Classes include 1 hour RPM (mixed terrain, interval training), heart rate and power based training classes, and Gran Fondo specific training (last night a group of us rode Colle Andrea Pinarello and Cheesecoate).

For a copy of our class schedule and for pricing information please visit our temporary site HERE; we have a variety of pricing options including a monthly program that allows unlimited visits, includes free bike storage and includes several invitation-only classes per month.

This Saturday
We are offering all registered GFNY participants the opportunity to participate as a group in a FREE FTP test; a great opportunity to understand your starting point and perhaps begin to consider some realistic training programs and goals for GFNY and the subsequent summer.  The test begins at 11:30AM and requires approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes to complete.  If you would like to register for the test please use the promo code FREEFTP.  Please arrange to arrive no later than 11AM so that we can help you setup properly.  The class is limited to 20 participants.

Testing and Training Protocols – Jan 2016

We offer a free trial class to new members, please use the promo code FIRSTCLASS.

Registered GFNY participants receive a 25% discount on all classes but you must register no later than January 22, 2016 to be eligible for the discount.  Our thought was this: enroll in the monthly program that provides for unlimited visits and over five months you will save enough to have paid for your GFNY registration AND have money left over to visit the Pie Lady a few times!

To join our mailing list please visit us at

To join our Facebook page please visit HERE

Please join us for a Gavia Cycling Group Ride!


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