Dedication to a goal

This Sunday, November 4, 2018, my wife Melanie is participating in the NYC Marathon – I am incredibly proud of her dedication and preparation and also to have been an supportive observer throughout her preparation.

Her commitment to begin ready to complete the NYC Marathon and her training for the event actually began in 2017.  In order to gain entry in the Marathon one can qualify by time (Melanie is a novice so that could not be for her first time), by lottery (we didn’t want to leave it up to chance), by paying a large sum of money (we would be happy to but cannot) OR via the 9 + 1 program, where one agrees to participate in 9 qualifying races and volunteer for the previous year’s event (that worked for us!).

EXCEPT – the ability to commit to participating came mid-year 2017, the choice of qualifying races was smaller, so we ended up participating in the Midnight Run (New Years’ Eve) in Central Park.  We were lucky, it was above zero, but just barely (it was 9 degrees Fahrenheit! – I don;t know how we did it but we got Aleksandra to run the 4 miles with us).


And so it began.

The first half of the year was dedicated to running, participating in shorter events, cross training and some cycling; about 20 weeks ago Melanie began following a more specific plan, working with the running coaches available through NYRR.  She followed her plan, made changes on the way as required, ran early mornings in the neighborhood when necessary, ran in the park when possible, ran in Englewood Cliffs for shorter closed loops and went to Rockland Lake for the longer runs to avoid car traffic, kept building her mileage and then, 3 weeks ago, BAM – the 20 mile run!

She simply crushed it!

This is a link to a photo album with some older photos but most beginning 2017 into 2018 – it is an inspirational story – how the story started and where Melanie is today – ready to go!

If you would like to follow her race and send her some good vibes throughout the day, her bib number is 48826, she has a 10:40AM start.  My wife, although being one of the most alive people I have ever known, is somewhat private and will likely murdelize me for having written this paragraph however I believe when people do extraordinary things they are helped by an extraordinary community of people (we know that first hand – or I would not be writing this) – so I take the writing risk realizing that I may have placed myself in a state of impending doom – but, as the young people say, whatever!

More stories about our Gavia Warrior Tribe to follow!

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